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GOCareer have developed a unique service for schools and colleges which supports the delivery of independent career guidance to their pupils.  The Innovative tool allows access to quality work experience opportunities, apprenticeships and all education rankings through one platform.


  • STEM career advice portal
  • Link A’ Levels to Careers
  • Compare higher education choices
  • View every job post in the UK
  • Personalised user experience
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GoCareer EXCEL

  • ENGAGE version +
  • All 16-19 UK courses
  • Every apprenticeship opportunity
  • Student course ratings and reviews
  • Compare 6th forms and FE colleges
  • Apply direct to college or 6th form
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Want to see how our Insights people analytics platform delivers a unique view of the employment market, at a new level of detail? Discover how we showcase the top skills, job titles and workforce experience levels, going much deeper than existing methods using SIC and SOC codes. Just complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a demo.

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