We enjoyed being part of the Data Visualisation session today Venture Fest was great to showcase the data science which our team have been hard at work creating.

We presented alongside HP and PrismTech who showcased their various platforms for IoT and Big Data covering everything from Managing London infrastructure through to the new term we learned today the local Fog rather than the cloud.

Our focus was on the skills gap between education and employment and we presented our TREE Chart which clearly shows that education is currently focused on too many skills on the right hand side of the diagram which frankly industry does not value.  I hope that we can generate enough debate and shout laud enough to make a difference over the coming months.

We also presented our Career DNA matching and discussed how we could help the recently made redundant workforce of SSI to help matchmake people to the most appropriate alternative careers and focus training on the most important gaps.

looking forward to putting this into practice and speaking to the Skills Funding Agency and National Careers Service about this very thing over the coming weeks.

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