We have just returned from our #TechNorth sponsored event @ Bloomberg – firstly thanks to Bloomberg for hosting and supporting the event which was packed and wow – what great offices you guys have – something to aspire to especially the floor TVs and huge fishtank and large auditorium.  Data, Data, Data everywhere which is the vision I have for the office.  Secondly to #TechNorth for pushing through with a quality programme of events and getting our faces in front of lots of influential people which we hope will lead to further conversations at the right time.

We got the chance as part of the #NorthernStars competition to pitch in front of a packed investor panel which is always a great way to prepare for future funding rounds and network with people.  The key thing we achieved was to get more feedback from people who will have never heard of us and judge their reaction by the comments and questions and enthusiasm or not in what we do.  The wonderful Fortisimo ecommerce data company won the audience vote based on their steller growth to date and wizzy investor friendly charts I think but great work from all involved and I think every one of us is getting more comfortable pitching to a large audience.

Im looking forward to future #TechNorth events and SXSW in March and the launch of Careerhacker on the 4th Feb at NE Schools event in particular when the team can shout about the hard work they have been involved with – trying to change the world to ensure every student gets a personal career coach.

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