Data Scientists are in big demand right now which is reflected by the large salaries that you can command if you have the right skills and experience (see screenshots below).

According to Tech City UK’s ‘Tech Nation 2016‘ report, big data is driving trends in this sector with data-driven companies being 10% more productive than firms that do not exploit their data.

At present, there are more job vacancies for Data Scientists and Data Analysts than there are available recruits which is why many academic institutions are looking at ways to improve the way data skills are taught and the UK Government has recently announced the creation of the National Institute of Smart Data Innovation (NISDI) following the early success of The Cloud Innovation Centre at Newcastle Science Central.

Go to and click on ‘Careers > View all careers‘ to see which skills you need, how to get them and who might be hiring.

Data Scientist screenshot 1

Data Scientist screenshot 2

Data Scientist screenshot 3

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