Thursday the 18th August and 25th August 2016 will be remembered as one filled with joy or disappointment for hundreds of thousands of British teenagers depending on whether they obtain the A Level or GCSE grades they need to get into their chosen course, university or profession!

However, there are a relatively small number of jobs that have a clearly defined career path from school to university and then into work.

For many┬ápeople, their career is much more likely to change over the years ahead as new opportunities arise due to the development of new technology, new industries and new ways of working. It’s impossible to predict all of the new job roles and titles that will appear over the next 20 years but one thing is certain is that IT/digital skills are going to become even more important if you want to get on at work.

With this in mind, we’ve created a new ‘A Level Explorer‘ tool which lets you enter up to three A Level courses and then find matching courses and suggested career profiles based on data we’ve collected on other people doing those A Levels (see screenshots below).

So, whether you’re a student, a concerned parent or guardian, or are starting your A Levels in September, try our A Level Explorer tool for free today at

A Level Explorer - Screenshot 1

A Level Explorer - Screenshot 2

A Level Explorer - Screenshot 3

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