As an award-winning data science company providing skills and talent matching products, we analyse millions of social media profiles and publicly available CVs in the UK each month.

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Our unique skills ranking technology combined with the breadth and depth of data we have available means we can:

  • offer more useful careers advice to students based on where vacancies are and what skills they need to do them
  • help people already in work to re-train or up-skill so they can change career path
  • help companies and investors make better financial decisions based on how they compare with existing and potential competitors

Taking this a step further, we are now offering you the chance to use our technology to find potential candidates for vacant roles for a flat monthly fee – giving you access to an enriched, ranked, searchable active and passive people profiles of over 15 million UK people which is refreshed at a rate of 3 million profiles every per month or 98,000 per day! (We provide additional recruitment services for a flat 15% fee).

We are launching our new recruitment service initially in the North East of England to manage demand with a roll-out plan across the rest of the UK over the next 12 months.

To find out more and be one of the first people to use this service, please email me at

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