Wow – its been a fast start to 2017 since we finalised our Gatsby project and the team are now progressing to the development phase so we thought we would take a look back at the journey so far and showcase our approach to building the best mobile careers assistant in the market,

We started the project with the belief that Chat was the most important aspect of the project – we held multiple requirements sessions with schools students at Castleview and Sunderland College – these led to the changing in priorities of the project to focus much more on student to student reviews and FAQs as being the most value, alongside the automation of the application process.

We presented an initial Business Model Canvas to students and asked them to create user personas and customer journey maps which then led to the formation of the story boards which then allowed us to create low-fidelity and high-fidelity mock-ups of the first draft of the application.  We focused on the key transition point at 15 when you choose your 16 to 19 education pathway and begin to narrow your fields of study.  See screen shots below of the Personas and Customer Journey Maps.

Our high level screen mockups have now been produced as you can see below – the key benefits of the application are to provide all 15 year-olds with clear A-Levels, T-Levels and Apprenticeship information which is local to then, gives bus routes and course content along with a one click application process to apply to college or 6th Form.

This will be a game changer in the world of further education and we hope to see the pilot results in April/May 2017 where students will be browsing real courses and applying to college and uploading their course ratings to help their peers access the best course for them.

Screen – Find local college courses near you

Screen – See the details of course modules and student ratings from those currently studying the course and past learners

Screen – Manage your application process and receive progress alerts

We will be back with Part 2 once we are in Pilot stage to showcase the real application.

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