It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has had an all-encompassing impact on our lives.

It’s not only disrupted our way of life, but it’s also had a huge impact on careers and the employment market, disrupting workflows and leading to significant levels of unemployment.

So, if you’ve lost your job during the Covid-19 pandemic – what next?

Find out what support you’re entitled to

First thing’s first, you need to check what financial assistance you’re entitled to. While the end goal is to find a new job as quickly as possible, it’s important that you’re able to cover your essential outgoings in the meantime.

The government has implemented a number of measures to help support those who have been affected by Coronavirus, alongside existing benefits such as Universal Credit. To find out what you could be entitled to, visit or speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Start the search for a new job

With the uncertainty surrounding the economy, it’s perhaps not surprising that job vacancies are down. But that doesn’t mean you should stop looking! While hiring has naturally slowed down, many companies are still actively recruiting and looking to take on new talent.

Consider new routes

The employment market has changed, in the short term at least. To successfully find a new job, you may need to consider new career options.  If, for example, your previous role was in the hospitality sector, it’s unlikely that you’ll find any vacancies in the industry at the moment and, if you do, competition will be fierce.

Look at your previous experience and identify your transferable skills. Then, consider which sectors and roles they will be relevant to.

Be flexible

Likewise, many companies are looking to fill project, part time and contract positions. Although it may not be the permanent, full time role you ideally want, accepting such a position could provide the opportunity to enhance your expertise and diversify your skills.

Boost your skills

Use this downtime to boost your skills. Taking online courses or completing qualifications will help to enhance your CV and improve your chances of securing a role in the future. A number of online learning platforms are offering free courses or significant discounts at the moment.

Revamp your CV

As well as adding new skills to your CV, use this time to ensure your CV really shows off your existing skills and experience.

Look after your mental health

Finally, it’s important to remember that losing your job can have a significant impact on your mental health, especially during these challenging times. So it’s important that you take the time to look after yourself, even if you don’t necessarily feel stressed.

Give yourself time to relax and unwind, try to establish some sort of routine, and exercise if you can. Meditation can also be really helpful, allowing you to take a few minutes out each day to focus and gain perspective. There are some great apps out there to help you get started, including Headspace and Calm.

How GoCareer can help

We understand that this is a challenging time for every, particularly if you’re looking for work. But the good news is, there are jobs available and there are steps you can take to put yourself in the best possible position to secure a new role.

GoCareer is an innovative app that can help you identify your transferable skills, find roles and industries they fit with, and identify relevant opportunities. You can even create a stand-out cv and share it with potential employers.

To find out more, download the app today or get in touch.

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