100 Experiences of Work

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GoCareer, along with Skills Jersey and Digital Jersey are launching a campaign to create 100 experiences of work in 2021 to enrich the lives of thousands of students in Jersey.

GoCareer have hundreds of careers across 15 sectors and the ambition is that every career will have multiple experiences linked to the them.

Dominic Murphy, Founder of Geek Talent, the company behind GoCareer said “Giving students the chance to experience what it means to work in a range of different careers has never been more important. With the acceleration of digital and automation meaning careers are changing at a much faster pace than before.  Previous research by the Gatsby Foundation shows that to inspire and influence the choices being made by students on their future careers they must receive a range of different interventions from a young age and we hope that these 100 quality experiences will make a real contribution to more informed choices for all, regardless of socio-economic background.

We will be launching the 100 experiences of work with employers on the island, providing a clear link between the skills employers need and these experiences.  To get involved with the programme you can speak to the team @ GoCareer via support@geektalent.com

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