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With the move away from ICT to Computer Science at the start of the academic year in 2017 we will help both new teachers and those currently teaching ICT or related subjects make the transition to teach GCSE and A-Level Computer Science.  We will be making use of the latest industry knowledge to bring the new Computing curriculum to life.  With a focus on collaborative problem solving you will build confidence in a supportive environment and make teaching the curriculum a joyful experience for you and your students.

You will be well on the way to teaching Computer Science in 2017 with increased confidence with further support available from our industry experts and teaching staff.

The course is a full day with 1 hour of follow-up Skype sessions included.  Further sessions can be booked and fees associated are shown in the fees tab above.

8.30   Arrival & Registration

9.00   Welcome and overview of the Digital Creative and Technology Sector

9.20   The Software Development Process

10.15 Morning Break

10.30 Fundamentals of Algorithms

11.15  Fundamentals of Data Respresentation

12.00  Computer Systems

12.30  Lunch and networking  

13.30  Fundamentals of Computer Networks

14.00  Programming

15.30  Afternoon break

16.00  Cyber Security

16.30  Ethics, Privacy and wider societal impacts

17.15  Close


Sunderland Software Centre, Tavistock Place, Sunderland, SR1 1PB – Arrival at 08.30 for Registration – Training course close at 17.15

Entry requirements

This course is for both new teachers and existing teachers who want to teach Computer Science

Training course

£150 + vat per delegate – maximum 20 spaces per course

Follow-up support (post course)

We provide follow-up support post the initial training session which can be purchased as follows

£550 / day + vat  – 1 day be-spoke at school support

£50 / hour + vat – remote Skype support

We are accepting applications to join our May course now

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Course modules

The Digital Creative and Technology sector
Overview of the companies, careers and jobs in both the Creative, Technical and Traditional industries showcasing the local labour market and differences between Digital Native, Support and Transformers.
Software Development Process

How are systems designed, built, tested, launched and maintained in the real-world? We will discuss the general shift from Waterfall to  Lean and Agile software development methodologies.

Fundamentals of Algorithms

The foundation of programming starts with algorithms.  We will showcase several relevant algorithms and structures which form the heart of programming

Fundamentals of Data Representation

We show you how data is stored and translated within computer systems and networks.

Computer Systems

We take you under the hood of the computer to show you how memory, CPU’s and different system architectures work.


Discover the different languages used today from everything from embedded to higher level languages and systems.

Fundamentals of Computer Networks

We will discuss the history of networks through to today’s PAN and WiFi networks.

Cyber Security

The threats and techniques employed to carry out cyber security attacks and how to prevent them.

Ethics, Privacy and wider Societal Impacts

We will discuss the recent snoopers charter and impacts to privacy and freedom

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