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We are a data science company who create unique,  innovative products that help people make more informed decisions. We use inimitable technology to extract and visualise information for CEO’s, Investment Managers, HR Professionals and Students.  At Geek Talent, there is a solution for everyone.

Our 360-degree view of the labour market is collected by merging data from a variety of sources, such as online forums, online people profiles and other websites.

The Geek Talent team work tirelessly to ensure our algorithms, data quality and user experience – mixed with a little bit of AI magic – help you make better decisions. Whether you’re responsible for your entire enterprise HR strategy or a student looking to pick your first university course, Geek Talent have a solution made just for you.  

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Geek Talent = people search engine; career hacker = people powered career platform; insights = people analytics


Our people search engine is utilised by company recruiters, to help discover their perfect hire, from millions of potential employees.  Our unique, virtual profiles can be used to gain a more rounded view of candidates by merging data from across the internet, and our unique search index technology helps shorten the time required to find the perfect hire.

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We believe everyone should have access to personalised career guidance, using the most up-to-date information from the labour market.  Unfortunately this is not the reality for millions of people today. Career Hacker solves this problem by aggregating data from the careers of millions of people, across multiple social media sites.

Download the printable version of the Career Hacker flyer in higher resolution (PDF, 1.3 MB). To try Career Hacker yourself click here.


Our Insights people analytics platform delivers a unique view of the employment market at a never before seen transparency. Education institutions use our data to make their courses more relevant and attract students, Inward investment teams use our data to understand their cities and better bid for investment, HR professionals use our data to better understand their workforce strategy.

Find out more by contacting us at insight@geektalent.com


We create amazing digital products and would love to work with you

Dominic Murphy

Dominic Murphy


Dominic had a career in IT Consultancy and Investment Banking IT over the past 10 years before forming Geek Talent in 2014.


Jackie Padley

Jackie Padley

Operations Manager

Jackie ensures the smooth running of the firm from customer service through to accounts.  She has huge experience in running the administrative side of businesses and helping with customer success.


Keith Whalen

Keith Whalen

Senior Web Developer

Keith’s previous roles within the NHS, insurance and defense industry included developing a number of critical systems.  His eye for detail and experience ensures our products stand out from the rest.


Aidanas Tamasauskas

Aidanas Tamasauskas

Software Developer

Aidanas is a recent graduate from Newcastle University with BSc in Computing Science with specialism in Mobile and Distributed Systems.


Keiran Collins

Keiran Collins

Web Developer

Keiran was our first apprentice to join us through our Geek Academy scheme and was instrumental in building the first version of Career Hacker within 12 weeks!


Peter Light

Peter Light

Web Developer

Peter is our second apprentice to join the team after shining in our Geek Academy scheme with his excellent consulting and technical ability.  Previously Peter was working in Sales and Customer Service roles but has a passion for tech.



Our Geek Academy launched in 2015 when we identified a gap in the market to help train those who had missed the opportunity to get into the technology sector by creating our unique 12-week project based learning methodology. We use real client projects to provide valuable work experience whilst at the same time training students to junior web developer level where we fit in 1 years worth of training into 3 months. All of our students are successfully employed in the tech sector and our clients are delivered real working systems at the same time, what could be better?

To find out more and get involved in sponsoring students places on our next intake contact us on support@geektalent.com


We create amazing digital products and would love to work with you


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