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About us

Geek Talent Insights provides real-time insight into the UK job market and skills landscape, helping you quickly find the right person at the right salary for every role.

We use natural language processing and machine learning to analyse millions of CVs and job adverts every single day from the internet. We crunch the data then create reports and alerts that tell you where there’s a scarcity or an abundance of the skills you’re looking for and what the salary expectations are in each region. This helps reduce the time to hire and improve your chances of getting the best fit for every role.

Talent acquisition teams can use this data to write great job listings or to set salaries to attract the top talent as efficiently as possible.  Recruitment agencies can use it to identify the roles that they’ll be able to recruit for most successfully, helping them to maximise profits within their business.

Real-time search

Real-time data on the UK’s job market and skills landscape you will not find anywhere else.

Market alerts and reports

We keep you up-to-date on the sectors you’re recruiting in.

Find talent quickly

Quickly pinpoint where the skills you’re looking for are abundant or scarce across the whole of the UK.

Insights for talent acquisition teams

Get real-time national and regional skills and salary analysis to help you quickly find the perfect people for your organisation at the right price.

Insights for recruiters and agencies

Get unique insights into whether the roles your clients are looking for exist and where they’re based so you know which roles to pursue.

Case Studies

Defining future skill standards

Digital Union wanted to support their members with a new trailblazer apprenticeship standard but were struggling to articulate the skills of members. We mapped the companies who were part of the membership body and created a new set of careers and added these to a new online portal to help recruit into the Creative Digital sector. Digital Union now have a future proof way to ensure education trains the next generation of creative apprentices.

Attracting northern talent

Tech North wanted to promote the diverse companies and careers which exist across the North of England to a national and international audience. With our unique labour market insight we provided the Digtial Tech sector online portal and allowed all companies to advertise their job opportunities to a global user base. Tech North can now easily articulate the sector they support to investors, foreign inward investment teams and companies.

Solving the automotive skills crisis

We worked with the Automotive alliance to provide a central talent hub, helping to address the acute aging workforce issue in the sector. By delivering a new digital portal members could register and present their sector to educators and experienced staff.  The portal helps explain the career paths of the sector and will offer advice and employment opportunities to over 15,000 people over the next few years.


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